Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Day of Love

I have copied the writing below .

Finding Love

Love is not hidden under a rock,
Or lying still in the pasture.
The road that leads to love need not be paved with gold.

Is it the feeling of lightness in the chest?
Is it the giddiness of butterflies on the skin?
When it is around there are no impossibilities.

Jumping forward with anticipation is best shared.
Reaction time of loved ones is instantaneous.
Speed can be the pace enjoyed with effortless advance.

Love is best defined by the user of the potion.
Find it in the starlight, the sunlight,
 the wind or with your touch.
The key to embracing love
is to share it with all your heart.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

It is your Now

       When the past fringes with the present, pull the lesson forward and not the old actions. The time of progress regresses when an historical pantomime becomes an action. The point of now is always now and the energy of today will reflect what is done now. Belong to your innermost self and find that you are not looking for containment, but further adventure. The longing will not occur when you maintain personal progress. The person you are is always the person you will become, for change will happen when challenge is acted upon. 
       The challenge of the day is always to connect to the day and in some way make it exactly what you want it to be. For tomorrow will hold a different advance. It may or may not depend on what you do today, but it will always be what you will do then and not now. The importance of now is what can create a difference in tomorrow, however, do not rely on yesterday to continue today for multitasking is not a modern term for it is what those that have made a difference have always done. Donate your effort towards your personal growth now and you will look back as the taller person.